Halitosis (Bad breath)

Screenshot_20191222-001703cropped-screenshot_20191218-140002_1576674803835.jpgGoodday my beautiful readers,it’s exactly 3 days to christmas and everything seems to be the same, it’s like Jesus don’t want to loud his birthday this year 😂😂just kidding by the way.Even thou I’ve bought my Christmas cloth 2 months ago realising I will be on duty wearing scrub on Christmas is just funny,well I choose this life “Called to serve humanity”.

Yesterday at school we were all given a Disease condition to make investigations on the causes, treatment, pathophysiology, clinical manifestation and the Nursing care plan I checked through the list and saw some of the topics of which I’m familiar with,I’m to present CHEILITIS and STOMATITIS.
Then I saw a strange topic “HALITOSIS“all my life I’ve always thought Halitosis is a spiritual disease sent to distroy the image of a person by some evil powers and can only be cure spiritually mehn I was wrong.I decided to investigate the topic even before we’re being thought for better understanding.
During the course of my investigation I was able to get some informations;Here I’m going to be giving some of my investigation on HALITOSIS.

Halitosis is also know as Bad breath.It can result from remains of food in the mouth,the food particles ferment by an areobic gram negative bacteria producing volatile sulphur compound such as Hydrogen sulphide.This is accompanied by offensive odour from the oral cavity,tooth and tongue stain.For an individual suffering from Halitosis it could eventually result in anxiety,Obsessive compulsive disorder and depression 

Which can be cause by:

poor dental hygiene,Fasting and starving,Alcohol intake,dehydration,food e.g Garlic and onions,Tobacco, not taking for long time,Oral infection e.t.c

Halitosis can be easily discoverd with the major sign and symptoms being Unpleasant odour or taste in the mouth, White coating on the tongue, and Dry mouth.
Diagnostic Test can also be carried out such as;
Halimeter;to detect the level of volatile sulphur
Gas Chromatography and Banatest to measure level of specific enzymes produced by Halitosis.
Halitosis can be Managed with or without medical intervention.
General management include;Brush teeth regularly before and after meal,brush and clean debentures, adjust diet by not eating spicy food,change tooth brush regular,drink enough water to avoid dehydration.
Medical management is needed of the bad breath is due to buildup of bacteria on your teeth,mouth rinse is rendered to kill bacteria and recommended toothpaste that contain an antibacterial agent is given then treat the dental disease.Now that you no the causes and treatments do well to share with others.

Motivation quote; Everyone canotc join you on your journey you will leave some behind.Don’t give up!

Less work more celebration!

Yesterday was indeed a great day,Thursdays are not my days cause it comes with alot of work loads,presentations,assignment and the likes but yesterday was different.While having Medicalsurgical Nursing class the good news came in about the last candidates that sat for NMCN(Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria)  Exam in my school,the result is out and it was 100% 💯 success,mehn it was a great news everyone was happy to hear,we all knew the struggles and sacrifices that comes with the Exam,it’s the final Nursing exam for all Nigeria final year Nursing students to be qualified as a Registered Nurse,failling the exam means repeating in the next 6 month which is not an easy job.In the spirit of merrying with the latest registers nurses I felt so emotional  I can’t wait for a great day like this when I will also celebrate,after so much praise and worships we prayed for them in absential,the class couldn’t continue because we were all in the mood of celebration.The class was prospone and we went back to the hostel to prepare for Christmas Carol which was Scheduled 3:00.It started with prayer and hymn after which drama,musics,games and dance took place.it wasn’t really fun for me tho cause I was emotionally drained and hungry,snacks were being served but i was still hungry,the Carol finally comes to an end at exactly 5:30.My day wasn’t really stressful but it was draining.

Pew…. My  2nd clinicals for this semester is starting next week  which means no Christmas break for me,too bad I’m going to miss mum’s  christmas special fried rice and chicken this year.

The Clinicals is a one month hospital based posting I’m really excited because I’m being posted to the ward I’ve always wanted to experience,I’ve been to Out patient department, paediatric ward, Neonatal ward,Medical ward and now I’m being posted to Surgical ward,I’m so excited at the same time I know it’s quiet stressful there but I’m not worried, stress keeps me focus so I’m ready! I can’t wait to resume my duty on  Monday and sure I’ll update you on how it goes everyday.

Thanks for the follow and likes I really appreciate them,thanks for joining me on my journey.cheers!

—–Opps—- Happy Christmas in advance!!!

Nursing to the World

Hey guys!welcome to Nursing world formerly Mercy way 😃I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long,exactly 2years now! Anyways it all for good, school took me away but now I’m back for good!i decide to make this blog about my profession so I could make impact in my career and help fellow students.

So here is a brief introduction,i got admitted into school of Nursing last year and trust me it hadn’t been funny at all .The struggle was real,ut I’m surviving anyways, I’m done with my weeding exams which 50 people where selected out of 70 of us that entrolled  for the program,the weeding exam took place after 6month,you have to see how I look like during the course of the exam,it wasn’t  easy,I dedicated my whole life to it cause Nursing has always been my passion.

I cried,I laughed,I learned,I loved,I unloved,I prayed and prayed and prayed Thank God I wasn’t put you Shame.After the weeding exam ,the 50 of us were officially welcome into the Nursing profession where we transformed from Green uniform to white uniform and Cap,the ceremony is called Capping and tagging,it was indeed a joyful day ,I felt so blessed to be among the chosen ones.

Fast forward to the moment my post here will be about nursing students lifestyle,challenges,bad days, good days, experience and also ideas are welcome on things to add as times goes on.My mission is to create unity in the nursing world,joining hands together to achieve more and give our patients adequate care they deserve.please do good to make this blog go viral,share with your friends, family,tutor and everyone..cheers!!